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Letting Go Of The Past

January 22, 2016


By GV Potter

The following post was written by a member of our fellowship.


Being a General Building Contractor, I can relate to this!


Something drawn or etched into freshly setting concrete will last more than our lifetime.  Whenever we look at that etching it is still there, even years later.  It does not go away.  It is a reminder of years ago. The same can be said of our mental and physical scars that we often carry around daily.  These are the sins of the past that plague us whenever we think of them. However we must remember that God is the “Master Craftsman,” the builder of all things seen and unseen.  He has completely removed this part of the concrete with the etchings, thrown it away and replaced it with new concrete. We as humans can still see these etchings in that concrete, but we need to understand that God does not see them. If we let those etchings remain visible to us they in turn become stumbling blocks for us in our lives…a reminder…a scar of the past.


So clearly, forgiveness and forgetting the past begins a healing process. By prayer, trust and faith in Christ through the Holy Spirit we can emotionally release those who have wronged us, whether they have repented or not. God’s willingness to forgive us is an example for our willingness to forgive others.  Leave the offense and the offenders with God.  He is the only One who understands what they did and why they did it.  As far as we are concerned, forgiveness and forgetting the past begins our healing process.  We must realize that our present outlook is directly affected by our past experiences, whether good or bad.  Our current circumstances at this point in time (our family relations, our lifestyle, our station in life, our outlook on life) are a direct result of those happenings years ago. Romans 8:28 says in part “all things work together for good to them that love God.” These are Gods living and powerful words, words that should be etched into our own hearts.


By Manuel Campbell
As a convicted felon, the one issue that bothers me with the christian outlook Is religiosity. I was the Chaplains assistant for 5 of 7 years while Incarcerated. Your article is true and accurate in how we must focus not on earthly but Spiritual rejuvenation. With that said the consequences of our actions because of our past earthly view will always be a factor in our lives. Your article refers more on our forgiveness of others more than of others forgiveness towards us. I and we must understand that God's forgiveness is Free to All who Accept God's Atoning sacrifice. With that blood sacrifice our eternal soul was redeemed. On earth we can have peace for the future hope and rest Him. I and We must never expect or are entitled to others forgiveness of us. For this, I pray that God helps ease my daily reminder of my crime of years ago. Please pray for all those who have past sins that effect families for generations to come. May Salvation never be used as an excuse to justify a life free of consequence but allow them to accept the consequence with mercy to those who are tasked with applying the law of the land. I am from Prison on earth but the state will have me under their eye till I die. Pray I Keep focused on the hope of Christ's return and my life with Him. Only part of my has allowed me back into their lives and that is Such An earthly blessing. God bless all who have repented and turned to Jesus.
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